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IndieVice pro is a revolutionary and versatile device that transforms your smartphone into a mobile camcorder reminiscent of professional cinematographer’s gear. Ideal for mobile filmmakers who yearn for more stability and ease of use when using their smartphones on the go. IndieVice is a versatile mobile camcorder that allows you to film and capture epic moments in your life and allow you to share your story, your way! 1

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Introducing the 180-degree pivot!

IndieVice’s smartphone holder rotates on its axis to allow the user to hold the IndieVice by the handle and easily view the smartphone’s screen while filming. Either hold it like a camcorder or hold it by the handle for those impossibly hard, below-the-knee and low angled shots.


Compatible with most smartphones, the IndieVice Pro lens holder can handle 37mm and 52mm professional lenses. While the Smart Controller pairs with your smartphone to control your camera App. The strategically placed standard screw attachment mounts create an easy and accessible way to attach accessories, such as lighting, audio, tripod, rails, brackets and many more.

Shooting Camcorder Style

Shooting camcorder style with the IndieVice creates a unique sense of intimacy between the filmmaker and the scene. Creators can now focus on telling their stories by shooting without distractions from the surrounding world.

Stability and Ease of Use

IndieVice was created for the storyteller on the go. It can be held by the handle or by the handgrip, allowing filmmakers to shoot from a unique perspective and with remarkable stability.

Look Professional with your Smartphone

The IndieVice allows todays’ videographers, filmmakers, bloggers and the storytellers in all of us, to look professional while shooting with a smartphone. Filming a corporate event, wedding or a family gathering with the IndieVice tells everyone you mean business. With the capacity to hold numerous professional accessories the IndieVice makes it possible to look like a professional storyteller.

Universal to all Smartphones

The universal aspect of IndieVice is ideal for filmmakers who use different devices to record their story. The Mobile Holder contains spring loaded clamps that securely hold smartphones within a width of 2 ½” to 3 ¼”. So, iOS and Android smartphones can all get along with IndieVice!

  • Weight


  • Battery Life


  • Dimensions

    72 × 113 × 295mm

  • 1. SmartPhones are not included.
  • 2. Under ideal conditions.

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