IndieVice Pro Kit

IndieVice Pro


The IndieVice™️ has been built to be versatile. It is universal for all smartphones, and even works perfectly with a GoPro™️. The included accessories simplify filming with a smartphone; the Smart Controller pairs with your phone to control your camera, and the included lens adapter can handle 37mm and 52mm thread lenses. The IndieVice™️ is a fully functional and adjustable storing telling tool that allows you create stunning photographs and videos easily and quickly.

Shoot, edit, and post all on one device.

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Neill Barham, Filmic Pro Creator

What a great invention. FilmicPro is delighted to back you up, guys. This is awesome. What a useful tool!

Christos Sourligas, Film Producer

The IndieVice brings the art of filmmaking to the smartphone world. Once you hold it, you will never let go.

Hand Held Hollywood

Looks like you’ve got a VERY interesting mobile media making device on your hands! Can’t wait to try it out!


Now *this* looks interesting, getting some good buy-in from the smartphone filmmaking community too #IndieVice

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